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Shredded Nutrition was originally established by a high performance athlete and firefighter! That legacy  is continued by three meatheads chasing a dream. Haha, I wish I was kidding…. 

The question I ask is, who doesn’t want a competitive edge? We all carry a flame inside. Our goal? Make that flame burn higher and hotter with high-performance supplements. Create that itch that helps everyone complete their goals, no matter what they are.


Shredded Nutrition was founded by Blake Luthy, who in 2010 suffered a major medical emergency that almost cost him his life.  Lung surgery, 10 days in the ICU, and a long recovery and rehab changed his perspective.  He left his previous career, became a full time firefighter, and opened a supplement retail store. The retail location sold a very large range of supplements and included various brands, this allowed him to expand his knowledge on supplements and develop an ever deeper love for the fitness industry.  However after years of seeing under dosed, unsafe, and ineffective supplements on the market he developed Shredded Nutrition and Ambition pre workout.  He is committed to providing you with only top quality, safe, and effective supplements.

Why Shredded Nutrition

Dream big because everyone dreams differently, some dream of winning shows, some to get fit, and some dream of just being healthy. Shredded Nutrition was founded to 1st provide the most safe and effective products on the market, and secondly to fulfill my wife’s dream of just being healthy and live a pain free life. My wife, Madalyn, was diagnosed with chronic Lymes disease 2 years ago after years of dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, and suffering.  100% of all Shredded Nutrition’s proceeds go to paying for her treatments to make this dream of hers a reality.